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6 tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Schedule your time. Knowing you will be at your desk from 9 to 10 will unconsciously prepare your mind for the task of writing that day at that time. Even if you write nothing or just a couple of lines - a clear structure works wonders.

Wait - do not panic or stress... waiting is part of the writing game, inspiration will surely follow.

Get started. Don't overthink the entire novel or story - just start with a small task. A step one, and little step by little step let the project unfold.

Stop when you know what will happen next, that way you will easily continue the next day.

Initiate a dialogue between the characters, one will question and the other will answer.

Keep the joy alive. As soon as you feel you are writing something that others want to hear and it is not your inner fantasy typing anymore, stop. You do it for you.

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