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I wrote my first article as a professional Writer back in 2000, and have continued to produce interesting and relevant stories ever since. I have the experience to explain complex issues and topics in a clear, engaging, and relevant style. See examples of my latest work below.


“…and hoist… one, two, slow-down,” the voice of return-journey Captain Lammert Ossinga booms across the ship as the latest cargo, that of organic Aloe Vera gel, is hoisted aboard the wooden brigantine Tres Hombres in Bonaire. With all hands on deck, and three in the hold below, the grey container of fresh aloe gel is lifted aboard by her crew from the dinghy that brought her to ship’s starboard.  The gel will be brought emission-free to the docks in Amsterdam ready to be sold to the Dutch market.


There is so much to be said for dreaming… it keeps you sane and most people need it to give their life direction, but for many of us a dream remains a dream. For Oliver Niedzielski, however, the dream of cycling from his hometown Hamburg in Germany to Cape Town, South Africa, became reality, solely due to determination and will power, and as Oliver says with a smile: “luck, I am quite a lucky guy!”
Oliver radiates a powerful self assurance that stems from reaching a much sought-after goal.

The Garden of the Nation

Visiting the Solidarity Rastafari Organization gardens in Bellevue, St.Maarten is like going back in time. Interns and volunteers are busy planting, seeding, pumping rain water from one cistern to the next and pruning and harvesting the vegetable plots. As we walk up to the little wooden building, ‘the centre’ of farm life, a parrot’s cry announces the arrival of RasJahBash, the founder of the organization and the visionary of the organic gardens. It is tranquil here at the farm; a breath of fresh air in this Northeastern Caribbean cosmopolitan (and hectic) island life. It’s a glance into the island’s past and truly ‘back to nature.’

Photo courtesy of Yotam Sandak

Beautiful Landscape
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